Monday, January 3, 2011

And it All COmes to an End..


Well..this is the date where every memory that we had together came to an end..
It's for the better matter how hard it is..we've got to go through it too..
betapa susahnyer pun..kita harus lalui perpisahan ini kerana inilah yang terbaik tuk kita ya..
biarpun ada lagi jalan yang boleh kita pilih..tetapi disebabkn ketaaatan mi pada Tuhan..mi tak sanggup ya..sorry...

It's all because GOd is more important ya..and I believe...GOd will bless us both in the coming days ya..He'll bless us that we'll find our own happiness ya...

This 3 months together has been the sweetest memory i have in my life..
Each day..Waking up..knowing you have someone who loves you and is worried for you..and also someone you love and you're worried for..
He have thaught me what love really is not easy..we go through pain and tears..but looking makes us stronger and deeper in love..
he has also thaught me how to love..
how to care and give attention to the one we to cherish every moment we have...
I don't blame anyone or regrett our seperation..It was meant to be..Maybe God sent Him to me so that i'd learn..being with someone not in d same believe as you will not work out.. and maybe..God sent him also to protect me and to give me care when i'm away from my family and close friends during the past's time to let go..i is really hard..but..what else can i do..we have to make irreverible choices sometimes..

Pi syg..Selama ini 3 bulan ini..pi slalu ada untuk mi..dsaat mi sedih..mi senang..pi sentiasa ada untuk mi,,,pi sentiasa cemas pada mi..terima kasih bnyk2 kerana pi telah memberi kasih sayang dan perhatian yang tidak pernah mi rasai selain dari keluarga mi....
setiap kenangan yang kita lalui tidak akan dapat mi lupakan...biarpun kita harus berpisah begini..tapi ini adalah untuk kebaikan kita ya..mi akan sentiasa berdoa agar pi dapat mencari seroang yang akan memberi kasih sayang dan perhatian yang seindah pi berikan kat mi ya..
sebelum ini..mi tidak tahu bagaimana mahu memberi perhatian dan kasih sayang pada ssorang..tapi..smuanya pi ajar ya..terima kasih bnyk2...

thanks for all the love shown..and i really wanna thank all those who have helped us and shown us support for us two being together ya..sadly,i sweet of a couple we were..hehehe./.but sadly..some things are just not meant to's really a love i won't regrett...:)


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