Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A New Me..A New Path..a New Life..

Wow...It's been a long time...I have forgotten i had this pretty page..
Well...2 years passed..and i guessed,...so much have changed...
I've found myself a job...building a career now..
No more dancing(damn.i Miss it)
Became a single mother..(Well....it's hard..but i'm pretty much enjoying it..)
And i've found my man now..and it's going good between us..

things changed so much..no more late nights...
life is not as crazy as before...but well..its crazy in another way...
balancing a life working..caring for my baby prince..and my king..and the family ain't easy...
i've lost contact wif many frens. well..they have their lives too now...

but i guess...people change..environment change...as time changes..

Baby's 2 1/2 years now...and he's growing fast...
:) and  :(..

Well...my Man.. he's just an ordinary guy...haha
but as ordinary as he can be..he's very interesting and special in his own way..
well... he taught me what love really is... it's not all sweet... it's gonna hurt a little..well..not a little..
but in the end..it'll be alright..cos you'd know...u can't loose each other.
he helped me stand up and throw away my fears...my past.. 
and he appeared when  I thought that I had to hold up everything all alone..
well...the best thing is.. He's the comfort to everything...even if the cause of my anger or sadness is him..:)

well...life changed so much I dunno where to start or how to tell it..but.. everything is a different game now..and the end is different too..

Life's greatest things comes in times where you never thought about it.
Somethings that you'd thought would turn out bad would be the opposite of it eventually.


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